Looking at the fundamentals and develping an in-depth look at protection & control systems.

Upon completion participants will be familiar with:

  • System Faults

  • Switchyard Configuration & Elements

  • The DESN Station (Duel Element Spot Network)

  • HV Bus Differential Protection

  • CT Saturation & Mal-operation of Bus Protection

  • CT Saturation & Restraint Differential Protection

  • Westinghouse KD - 4 Relay

  • Surge Protective Devices

  • Fuses

  • DC Protection Logic

  • Differential Protection

  • The Modern IED Relays (Intelligent Electronic Device) Overview

  • HV Circuit Breaker Types (Oil, Vacuum, Air Blast, SF6)

  • HV Circuit Breaker Controls (Closing & Tripping)

  • HV Circuit Breakers - Reclose (Syncrocheck CUH 90 – VG Relay)

  • Dynamic Monitoring Equipment (DME)

  • Impedance Relaying (POTT)

Here we deal with the protection & control principles of high voltage stations. HV Bus Differential Protection is studied  along with restrictions due to CT saturation & mis-match and its solution, “Restraint Differential Protection”.

Starting with System Faults and how they affect  Switchyard Configuration & Elements simple “Differential Protection” is examined along with the mal-operation due to CT saturation and mis-match. 

Diff Prot.png

High Voltage Circuit Breakers are examined as to the various Types (Oil, Vacuum, Air Blast, SF6), their Controls (Closing/Tripping/anti-pumping) Reclosure Syncrocheck relay CUH 90 – VG as well as Breakers Failure Protection is part of this module along with a quick look at Dynamic Monitoring Equipment. Transfer & remote tripping along with the need to provide immunity from ground rise potential and open circuit situations.

ml2 copy.jpg

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